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    To provide an excellent level of academic, holistic, inclusive and progressive education in an alternative and energised environment that aims to enlighten, broaden and feed both hearts and minds. To be, first and foremost, a relationship-centred school.

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    To develop broad thinking and socially aware students. We strive to create an atmosphere of warmth, acceptance and hope, devoid of pettiness and ‘small-school’ mentalities. Our desire is to be a school that is, at its heart, engaged reflectively with diversity, humanity and intellectual richness. Cedar House speaks back to conventional notions of schooling and traditional experiences of student powerlessness. It wishes to role model the teaching profession as a site of possibility: an empowering, bold and barrier-breaking human endeavour of deep, enduring value.

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    To be true to our mission, which is committed to good, honest, transparent and ethical work. To be a community school that strives for the highest possible levels of ethical conduct, professionalism and collegiality.

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